One Hundred Rolls: Blog en-us (C) One Hundred Rolls [email protected] (One Hundred Rolls) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:04:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:04:00 GMT One Hundred Rolls: Blog 120 120 Are We There Yet? Shooting both digital and film, I often wonder where we are in the state of black and white photography.  Here is a nice three part article addressing this subject.  I'll post my thoughts at some point.

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Meeting Your Younger Self While looking for ideas for photography projects, I stumbled on a great idea by photographer Chino Otsuko.  It's an interesting concept, meeting your past self in photos.  Her comment struck a chord with me regarding strong projects: "I often feel the strongest personal photography projects I’ve seen are by those who just have a simple vision or evocative idea, and just execute it really well".  Works for me.  

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The Message That Started This Journey Growing up in Chicago is remarkable.  Sometimes, you get gems delivered to you in the form of wisdom.  This wisdom, I got a lot time ago regarding photography.  It has the old Chicago, 'City of Broad Shoulders' feel to it.  

"If you want to get good at photography, get a camera, a lens and a hundred rolls of film. If you don't know what you are doing by the time you are done, give it up." 

That got me thinking.



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Weapon of Choice The Leica M2 About 15 years ago, I got this Leica M2 from my dad.  He got it from his stepfather. If you lost track, that was my grandfather. My Grandfather bought this jewel new in Germany.

A true vintage classic, the camera was manufactured in 1956 and the lens in 1958.  Mounted on the front is an Elmar 5cm f/3.5.  Not much to it, just a few pieces of glass: lightweight, portable and simple.

I am not sure how many rolls of film were put through it, but I can probably imagine that I put more through it the first year, than the previous 60+ years.  The M2 sat for a few years until I asked to borrow it.  My dad relented when I sweetened the deal with a Canon D60 (not a 60D).  He still shoots the camera to shit day.  Within a few weeks it jammed halfway through a roll.  Thankfully, Steve's Camera in Culver City took care of that problem. Good as new.  He even cleaned up the lens and added vulcanite where it was missing.

Now, I've decided to use it for this project.  One Camera; One Lens, One Film...

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